Where to Get Free Items to Sell on eBay

By Suzanne Arant-Wells

Freebies are not that difficult to find, especially if you have access to the internet. Have you ever thought about collecting free items to resell on eBay? If you have an internet connection, some spare time, and the willingness to do the legwork, you can find all sorts of free items to sell on eBay.

The easiest place to start is on Craigslist. Find the city nearest you on Craigslist, and look for the free section. You will be amazed at how many listings you will find for free clothing, free furniture, and free household items. The key is being the first to respond and pick up the item, so you have to check the listings frequently and act fast.

Next, check FreeCycle.org. eBay sellers differ on their opinions on using this site to procure inventory. Some eBayers say sellers should not take free items from FreeCycle - they are meant for the needy in the community. Others say that the people donating the items really don't care, they just want to get rid of their stuff for whatever reason. You'll just have to go with your gut on this one.

Participate in free-after-rebate programs. Rite Aid is a good example. Check their monthly catalog in the stores. You can rack up all sorts of free items such as cosmetics, medicines, baby products, weight loss products, and medical items. You will have to buy the item first, and submit your rebate online, and then receive a check the next month. However, the items are free after the rebate is processed.

Join freebie forums online. Members will post special deals, rebates, and coupons for free items. Collect your freebies and sell them in a batch or lot.

Check out garage sales as they are ending. Showing up late has its advantages. The person holding the sale probably isn't going to want to dispose of the leftovers, and may let you have them free if you haul them away. Having a van or a truck is helpful in this situation.

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