5 Proven Tips to Reach a Niche Business Audience

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Marketing to consumers with one broad brushstroke may still make sense for major brands, but for a niche business, the best way to a customer’s heart is through a more targeted approach. “The key to marketing to niche audiences is getting to know them and building relationships with them,” says Bill Corbett Jr., president of Corbett Public Relations in Floral Park, N.Y. Here are five niche marketing tips for reaching a select market segment affordably:

1. Do the Vontoo. Mike Miller Hyundai in Peoria, Ill., switched from direct mail to a solution from Vontoo that delivers permission-based voice marketing messages to customers when their vehicle is due for an oil change or maintenance. At just 10 cents per call, the service has not only saved the auto dealer money, but has also kept the repair service bays filled to capacity.

2. Reach out to freelance writers. In tough economic times, freelancers in all media are especially hungry for news. Figure out what they want and how you can make their job easier, recommends Andrew Plant, an independent PR professional in Atlanta. It could lead to consistent coverage for your business, a big benefit of niche marketing.

3. Start a LinkedIn group. Lisa Skriloff, president of New York–based Multicultural Marketing Resources, launched a group on the popular social network to attract businesses interested in marketing services. In less than a year, 1,500 people had opted in. “Now I can reach the entire group by posting messages or sending individual emails,” she adds.

4. Become a radio head. With little more than a telephone and a computer, a business can launch an Internet radio talk show that provides educational and informational content to a target audience, says Dave Nelsen, president of Dialog Consulting Group in Mars, Pa. Providers of free “talkcasting” services include TalkShoe.com and BlogTalkRadio.com. “There is no better way to gather market feedback and competitive information than by talking live with your target group,” Nelsen notes.

5. Do your homework. Find out what your market segment reads, listens to, and watches, then follow those outlets carefully, says DeAnne Merey, president of DM Public Relations. “You will become aware of the issues, interests, and discussions within this group and be able to insert yourself into the dialogue,” she notes.

Source: Business Management Daily
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