SEO Writing - How SEO Writing Can Improve Your SEO Results?

By Ricardo Lumbardo

Search engine optimization boosts page rankings of the websites. Many well known search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN look for optimization features in the webpage before indexing and ranking them. There are two types of optimization, one is on-page and the other is off-page. The main purpose of the on-page optimization is to make the webpage engine friendly by adding suitable features of SEO writing. The off-page optimization is related promoting the site through link building and social media marketing. Adopting proper SEO writing principles help greatly in improving the page ranking.

What is SEO Writing?

The technique of writing content for the webpage in a manner that the page can be easily picked up by the engine from the rest of pages displayed on the net, is called SEO writing. Everyday millions of visitors hit the net with a purpose of buying a product or service. These potential customers need the right directions to the site that host the product or service which, they are looking for. Without proper directions they are bound to get lost in the voluminous internet traffic and waste their precious time. SEO writing helps the websites in improving the page ranking, so that more and more customers are ale to access the site in minimum time. This saves precious time of the customers and helps them to find the right product or service they are in need of.

Rich and Unique Content

Special focus is paid on developing rich and unique content that fits well into the niche of the site. Search engines like to read compelling content that is unique of its' kind and free of duplication. The description should be precise, clear and understandable to any one who views it. There should be no technical or corporate jargon in the matter because this will confuse the readers and dilute their interest, considerably.

Adopting Good SEO Writing Skills

Besides good quality of the content, care should be taken in writing sentences that are free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Errors in content writing reflect poor professional approach and bring disrepute to the website. Short and simple sentences should be preferred over long and complex sentences. This is because sometimes a complex sentence may confuse the readers and convey wrong message about the product or service. At the end of writing, it is important to double check the content for mistakes before submission. This greatly helps in improving the page ranking of the site.

Using Right Keywords

Keywords are important to SEO writing. The selection of right keywords is crucial in successful optimization of the site. It is a good search engine Optimization technique to make sure that a high degree of relevance exists between keywords and the content matter, because the content matter revolves around the keywords, which are related to the product or service advertised on the site. The SEO percentage should be within acceptable limit for search engine to easily direct traffic to the site. Overuse of keywords damage the ranking prospects of the site and should be strictly avoided. Instead the right use keywords in right quantity will greatly help in improving the page ranking.

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How Can Blogs Increase Your Income?

By Mike Paetzold

Blogging has become extremely popular in the past years, so much so that every second of every day, somebody is creating a blog. It may sound unbelievable, but it is something that has been happening for years. In addition to this, blogging has also become a good source of extra income, especially for those who cannot leave their homes.

Blogging is a productive and financially successful venture because of several important factors. You cannot just come up with a blog and then expect to get money instantly. You have to work on it and slowly but surely, come up with a blog that attracts visitors of every age or background. Since blogs are like personal journals, it does not really require you to be an expert in writing. What is more important is that your blog can entice people.

Here are surefire ways of earning additional income through blogging:

- If you are not yet that familiar with blogging, you can choose to register with free blog providers like or WordPress. This blogging sites have step-by-step guides that will help you create your own site. Make sure that the content of your site is something that is related to your general blog topic. This is one way of making sure that visitors find your site.

- Using SEO or Search Engine Optimization in your articles is another factor that helps you gain additional income through blogs. SEO involves a process that helps your blog rank higher in search engines, specifically in Google. Ranking high in search engines guarantee you that searchers will find you site easily. SEO uses keywords most of the time. If you insert significant keywords into your articles, then your article has greater possibilities of being ranked higher in Google. For example, if your article is about taking pictures using the digital camera, your keywords can be "digital camera photos."

- Since you've already integrated SEO and keywording into your articles, now is the time for you to enroll with Google AdSense. AdSense is a program created by Google that generates content-related ads on your blog page. Once your visitors click on the ads, you will be paid by Google.

- It will also be beneficial for you if you include links in your blogs. Links take visitors to other websites, mostly advertising ones. Once your blog visitor clicks on the link and navigates to the linked website and purchases whatever product or service they are offering, you get paid.

There are other ways to earn extra income while blogging. However, these are the best ways to adopt if you want money that's easy-to-earn. These are the tried and tested ways. Try any or all of these and you're guaranteed to increase your blog's earning potentials.

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Podcasts Increase Internet Marketing Sales

By Llewelyn James and Euan Agnew

Video podcasts are relatively easy to create for anyone. With the use of podcasts for internet marketing tactics, even individual marketers can present more of a personal presence.

Internet presence often lacks giving feelings that "you are there" with the customer. Viewing a podcast, potential customers get a better feel for the information presented and add a personal touch to the pitch. This yields a higher chance of a sale being closed.

People are more likely to listen to a minutes long podcast than they are to read a five hundred word factual article on products. This alone should give gravity to marketers making the choice to use podcasts in your marketing methods. Gaining the attention of more people equals success in internet marketing. The more people's attention internet marketers can get and hold, the higher sales will be.

Podcasts give your customer base an image and not only promote a product better, they promote the marketer better. Giving out updates on your products and company and providing the marketer with more choices of approaches as now their customers are also an audience. How much more appealing is a video presentation than reading and re-reading what is essentially an advertisement or catalog entry to persuade them to make a purchase. Imagination, images and text alone don't do the products or marketers the justice video podcasts will.

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Ten Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your RSS Feed

By Blake Evans

If you offer content as an RSS feed, you want people not only to visit your website but also to subscribe. Here are a few ideas on how to increase subscribers to your site.

1. Make the subscription button prominent. Put the RSS button above the fold. Make the button BIG or put a lot of space around it. The point is to make it very visible.

2. Put subscription information at the bottom of each post. A viewer who reads an interesting post may just click on a link to your RSS feed subscription page under that post. They like the post, they like your site. Make the most of this moment; don't expect them to search for the RSS link. But make this link small so it doesn't compete with the post.

3. Focus on one subject, one particular topic. Viewers come to your site because you have content that interests them. They are more likely to stay-and subscribe-if all your content, not just one article, interests them.

4. Offer special content that only RSS subscribers can access. Entice readers so they will subscribe in order to see the exclusive content. Make sure the special content has value or you'll lose your subscribers.

5. Use Google Analytics to track your subscribers so you know what type of traffic you are getting and how they are getting to your site. This way you will know where to focus your recruitment efforts.

6. Consider using Feedburner, which is an RSS utility that adds value to your website's feed before sending it out.

7. Not everyone agrees on this, but full feed (showing the entire article) is probably better for getting subscribers than partial feed (showing a teaser).

8. Run a contest for RSS subscribers only. Offer a prize related to your niche. Sure, some folks will unsubscribe after the contest, but others will stay with you.

9. Offer a free gift to new subscribers-perhaps an ebook or video in your niche.

10. Be creative. Come up with new ideas for enticing readers to your site. Then give them something special so they will subscribe.

Getting subscribers is important. Keeping subscribers is crucial. RSS appeals to people who like to keep up with the latest news and information on topics they care about. Offer them useful and interesting content on current happenings in your niche. Keep your content fresh. And pay attention to your subscribers' posts to find out what they care about. Remember, they can unsubscribe at any time-it's up to you to keep them.

RSS helps you increase traffic to your site and distribute your news and information. It's a valuable way to increase the number of people who subscribe to your website.

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How to Guarantee a Successful Product Launching

By Menno Spijkstra

Are you having doubts or entertaining unpleasant thoughts about your new online product to be launched? Product launching for most internet marketers can be a very challenging step to take. It is good that you are entertaining doubts and other misgivings because a good internet marketer might have thought of plans and strategies to rectify the situation should it happen. Failing to achieve the desired outcome usually results from poor strategy, incorrect planning and haste. Before actually launching your online product you must have done a thorough research and study about it. A pre-launch plan must take place before the actual launching to prepare yourself and your product for the possible outcomes.

The first thing we must do is to find our niche. Select an internet niche market on the where you can thrive, where there are buyers in it who will actually see the need for your product. You must also have an affinity for it because this might become a long term venture. Make a plan of the entire launch based on the information you have. Wisely allocate your financial resources and find ways to maximize everything you intend to use for the launch. Monitor your costs and do not go beyond your budget. Identify your potential online venture partners and contact them before hand and see if they can help you in online products promotion.

Have a pre-launch schedule and gradually sell and promote your products. Ask your affiliates to do the same. It's like testing the waters before actually making the plunge. Take things slowly and never take any decisive action during your pre-launch. Stir in a little excitement in your niche before the actual launch by advertising your product. Slowly add new elements during the process until you see a significant reaction from your niche. Prioritize the needs and the demands of your target market and work your way from this. The viability of your merchandise is largely based upon these two elements.

Another thing you should take into consideration before the launching is your list. Building your email list and maintaining it should be done way before the actual event. A successful online product launching relies heavily on the quality of the list because this is the only way you can market your product directly and intimately to your niche market. Most importantly, create a back up or emergency plan. Your emergency plan must also be in place alongside your launch plan to help you overcome your projected obstacles and losses. To sum it all up, you should invest mostly in research and strategic planning before hand.

Lay out your plan very well and see beyond your expectations. Never be too hasty and think before actually making any huge decisions. Watch closely the progress of your venture and take it from there. You have to constantly remember that the online market is ever changing, a relatively new medium that is still thriving. Your plans should be flexible and your goals attainable. Everyone should aim for a successful product launch but it would be wise not to expect too much to avoid disappointments. Carefully planning your launch is the key.

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Free Promotion Strategies Absolutely Necessary For Your Website to Ensure Success

By Kanaga Sivaraj

All online entrepreneurs who have started their new websites have a major problem that keeps worrying them all the time and that is learning free promotion strategies to promote their websites. Since most entrepreneurs start with a low budget they have to rely to a great extent on various free strategies that will generate traffic to their sites to start making money. These free strategies listed below are the best and are a boon to not only the low budget entrepreneur but to all online marketers.

1. Free Promotion by SEO.

The best way to promote your website is by optimizing your content so that it is search engine friendly. Having unique keyword rich content and updating them regularly will attract the search engine spiders frequently to your site. By adopting various seo strategies such as having H1 tags for your title, keyword targeted content and using ALT tags for images you can improve your page rank of your website and generate targeted traffic to your website.

2. Free Promotion by Writing Articles.

Writing articles is considered to be the easiest and cheapest free website promotion methods available to webmasters to promote their website. It is important that your articles are related to the theme of your website and display your expertise to attract the audience to your website. To get the maximum out of your articles you should submit your articles to the leading article directories where these will be read by a much broader audience. The advantage here is that other webmasters will pick up your articles and publish them in their websites thus promoting your business. You should have your website link in the resource box to enable the reader to visit your website, preferably with a keyword embedded in the link.

3. Free Promotion by obtaining Reciprocal Links.

Another popular method of obtaining free website promotion is to start a reciprocal linking campaign. Though reciprocal links are not very much in favor with the search engines due to unethical practices by certain webmasters, search engines do appreciate links from quality relevant sites. So to succeed you have to identify relevant high page rank sites and persuade the webmasters to reciprocate your link request. This will ensure a good amount of targeted traffic to your site.

4. Free Promotion with Social Networking Sites.

Social networking has today developed into a very popular mode of promotion and all webmasters should make the best use of it. Getting started as a social net worker is very easy. First register yourself with these sites, set up a profile add quality, unique relevant content and add links back to your website. This will start generating free traffic to your website immediately.

My Space, Face book, Twitter and Squidoo among others are enormously popular with net workers. The popularity is due to the fact that net workers are able to interact with each other and send instant messages, pictures, videos and also share these with their friends and other net workers. To succeed you have to act tactfully and refrain from spamming.

5. Free Promotion with Blogs.

Another way of promoting your website is to have a blog. You can either have a blog in your website itself or have an external one. The great advantage is that the blogs are search engine friendly. Search engines love fresh content and visit blogs frequently. By updating frequently with search engine optimized posts and linking them to your website you can ensure a steady stream of free traffic.


These are free promotion strategies for your website that you simply cannot ignore because they are the best. Success will depend to a great extent on how best these free methods are implemented.

Source: EzineArticles

Using Video Marketing For Promoting Your Business on the Internet

By Amber Lynn

With unemployment rates at a twenty-year high and the economy in the midst of an economic recession, millions of Americans are finding it difficult to locate traditional work. This has compelled many people to go into business for themselves, and the cheapest and easiest way to establish a new business is online.

However, when new business owners get started on the Internet they quickly realize that online competition is fiercer than it has ever been. Companies can no longer just put up a web site and expect people to visit it. These days Internet business owners must be proactive, they must take steps to drive traffic (potential customers) to their web sites. But that, of course, is much easier said than done.

In recent years, many online business owners have taken to writing articles or having others write articles for them about their business, product or industry. These articles are then submitted to article directories like EZINE, which offer authors free links to their web sites. So when someone searches for a product or service in your field, there is a chance that your article will appear and a chance that the consumer might visit your web site.

Article writing is a cheap and easy way to drive traffic to you web site. However, it does have its limitations. To begin with, article directories do not allow writers to submit duplicate content, which means that your work can only appear on one directory at a time. That is one reason why many online owners have learned how to turn articles into videos.

Presently, there is no prohibition on duplicate content at any of the top video sites, which means that you can post your videos on YouTube, Meta Café or even on your own web site. In fact, you can post it where ever you want.

It is also true that video sharing sites are some of the fastest growing and most popular sites on the Internet. For instance, did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet? That's right! Other than Google, there is no search engine that even comes close.

Another fact, no matter how regrettable, is that the younger generation prefers watching videos over reading articles. If, for instance, your video appears on YouTube, there is a good chance that several thousand people will view it. By comparison, there is absolutely no chance thousands of people will read your article, even if you're Stephen King.

But learning how to turn articles into videos is something many business owners are still reluctant to do. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, many of them believe that creating videos will cost them an arm and a leg. They might also assume that you have to be tech savvy to create high-quality videos or that they may not appeal to younger audiences.

All of these are, of course, misconceptions. Turning your articles into videos is not only cheap, it's easy. You can either do it all yourself, which might take a bit of trail and error, or you can contact a service.

A simple Google search will yield hundreds of companies that specialize in this procedure. All you have to do then is copy and paste your favorite article into the site and they will convert it into a video form for a small fee. After that you are free to submit them to as many video sharing sites as you please.

Article Video Robot can convert article to video in just a couple of clicks. With Article Video Robot you get animations, graphics, voice over and the chance to edit your video. You don't have to have any technical or computer skills.

Source: EzineArticles

How to Get on the Front Page of Social Bookmarking Sites

By Jason Nyback

Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Netscape, Newsvine, and Reddit are frequently used by search engine marketers to attract traffic to a website. The premise is simple: when a large number of people from a social bookmarking community "like" a story, article, or blog entry listed on the site, the story gets greater prominence on the front page. Stories on the front page attract far greater numbers of reads and clickthroughs than those buried deep within the site, and are much more likely to "go viral" and spread across the Web like wildfire.

Clearly, any search marketer could benefit from having a story posted on the front-page of a popular social bookmarking site; however, most marketers struggle to gain traction and generate the number of reads required for this prominent placement. Choosing the right topic is a bit like playing the lottery. With so many articles submitted on any given day, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge.

Here's an easy way to get on the front-page of your favorite social bookmarking site: write about how to appear on the front page of results. While this may seem silly, stories about how to get listed on the main page are almost always on the front page of social-bookmarking sites. Audiences love these topics and frequently "like" these how-to articles, which pushes the content higher in the rankings. Try writing a story about how to get on the front page of your favorite social-bookmarking site, and then submit it to that site. You'll be surprised at how quickly the article climbs the ranks!

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Six SEO Techniques For Top Rankings

By Andrew Olson

While there are dozens of SEO techniques and strategies, some the most effective are the simplest. Instead of spreading your resources too thin with a myriad to strategies to rank highly in the search engines. I recommend focusing on just six that have proven to be effective. They are each explained below:

Blog Reviews
These include a direct link and short review from only experienced and established bloggers. Typically they can be purchased for $5-$10 from sites like PayPerPost. Because these are direct links from trusted sources, they are extremely effective at getting you to the top of the search results.

Article Marketing
One of my favorite seo techniques is article marketing. Although it takes hard work, writing quality articles on your topic and submitting them to article directories will give you relevant backlinks from quality websites.

Directory Submissions
Website directories give your site a quick description and a link back to your site. This is a proven way to build a many backlinks in a short period of time. They won't preform miracles, but directories can help a great deal when combined with other seo techniques.

Social Bookmarks
This includes submitting the pages of your site to social bookmarking portals, such as Digg, Redditt,, and dozens of others. This is a great way to build backlinks from some of the biggest websites online. As an added bonus in addition to the seo benefits, these sites can even provide some direct traffic.

Squidoo Lenses
Squidoo is a website that allows users to make a "lens" (or, a page) about any topic they desire. This site also allows direct links back to your site, and using this service can be one of the most beneficial link building strategies. Be sure to include at least one Squidoo lens in your set of SEO Techniques.

Press Releases
Finally, creating a press release with your links in the text and then submitting this release across many press release portals is a fantastic way to build backlinks. And, if your story is quality, it may get picked up and distributed even further; providing links from major news portals.

These techniques are down to earth and proven to deliver results time and time again. Start implementing one or two each week until you've incorporated them all!

Source: Ezine Articles

How to Properly Use Keywords on Your Webpages

By Lisa A Mason

If you're new to SEO and building your own website, you've probably heard a lot about SEO and keywords and you probably have a lot of questions still. It's important to use keywords on your webpages but this technique is only helpful when you use them properly.

If you use keywords too much, it can actually hurt you more than it will help you. If you don't use them enough, they may not be effective and your efforts are wasted. If you don't know how to choose the right keywords, they may also not be effective.

With so much to learn about keywords, it can seem daunting to figure it all out. If you want to use keywords properly on your web pages, you need to first be sure that you have the right keywords that you're trying to use. Then focus on these additional basic tips:

  • Don't try to cram too many different keywords on one page- stick with a main keyword and a couple of secondary keywords
  • Don't overuse the keyword- a good baseline is once every 100 words
  • Learn to use the keyword in your Meta tags and Meta description
  • Use the keywords to name your photos and images, if you have any

These are just basic tips. SEO is a complex thing and you couldn't possibly learn it all from one article but these basic tips on how to properly use keywords on your webpages will help get you started.

Now that you know more about how to properly use keywords on your webpages you can use these tips to help you in creating your websites. If you're very serious about the best SEO and keyword usage, you might consider hiring a professional to help you create and implement a plan.

Source: Ezine Articles
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