Using Video Marketing For Promoting Your Business on the Internet

By Amber Lynn

With unemployment rates at a twenty-year high and the economy in the midst of an economic recession, millions of Americans are finding it difficult to locate traditional work. This has compelled many people to go into business for themselves, and the cheapest and easiest way to establish a new business is online.

However, when new business owners get started on the Internet they quickly realize that online competition is fiercer than it has ever been. Companies can no longer just put up a web site and expect people to visit it. These days Internet business owners must be proactive, they must take steps to drive traffic (potential customers) to their web sites. But that, of course, is much easier said than done.

In recent years, many online business owners have taken to writing articles or having others write articles for them about their business, product or industry. These articles are then submitted to article directories like EZINE, which offer authors free links to their web sites. So when someone searches for a product or service in your field, there is a chance that your article will appear and a chance that the consumer might visit your web site.

Article writing is a cheap and easy way to drive traffic to you web site. However, it does have its limitations. To begin with, article directories do not allow writers to submit duplicate content, which means that your work can only appear on one directory at a time. That is one reason why many online owners have learned how to turn articles into videos.

Presently, there is no prohibition on duplicate content at any of the top video sites, which means that you can post your videos on YouTube, Meta Café or even on your own web site. In fact, you can post it where ever you want.

It is also true that video sharing sites are some of the fastest growing and most popular sites on the Internet. For instance, did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet? That's right! Other than Google, there is no search engine that even comes close.

Another fact, no matter how regrettable, is that the younger generation prefers watching videos over reading articles. If, for instance, your video appears on YouTube, there is a good chance that several thousand people will view it. By comparison, there is absolutely no chance thousands of people will read your article, even if you're Stephen King.

But learning how to turn articles into videos is something many business owners are still reluctant to do. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, many of them believe that creating videos will cost them an arm and a leg. They might also assume that you have to be tech savvy to create high-quality videos or that they may not appeal to younger audiences.

All of these are, of course, misconceptions. Turning your articles into videos is not only cheap, it's easy. You can either do it all yourself, which might take a bit of trail and error, or you can contact a service.

A simple Google search will yield hundreds of companies that specialize in this procedure. All you have to do then is copy and paste your favorite article into the site and they will convert it into a video form for a small fee. After that you are free to submit them to as many video sharing sites as you please.

Article Video Robot can convert article to video in just a couple of clicks. With Article Video Robot you get animations, graphics, voice over and the chance to edit your video. You don't have to have any technical or computer skills.

Source: EzineArticles

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