Making Money Through PayPal With Survey Sites That Pay Really High

By Adam Woodham

Everyone attempts to make money though PayPal from any survey site they can get their hands on. This is the worst approach, which probably means that you're using search engines to look for them. The truth is that all this does is give you lists of every bottom paying place out there, while keeping the top payments far, far away from you.

I know the quick and painless solution to all of this, though. If you really want to find survey sites that allow you to make the absolute most money through Paypal, you will need to forget about one thing: Forget about search engines. Don't even let them enter your mind when you begin looking for places to do surveys. In the past year or two, all of the higher paying place have been replaced by penny websites in those search results. The web has become so littered with these newer places that keep all the cash for themselves, pushing the higher paying and more legit websites out of the lists.

That's enough talking about that subject, though. Let me get to the really good stuff now. The way you make the most money though PayPal from the survey sites you sign up to is simple: Use forums to your advantage. Big forums to be exact. It might sounds like drastic measure to take, but it's just a necessary one. Also, it's darn easy to do and will have you signing up to all sorts of top dollar places in no more than 10 minutes. Once you get a hold of a large type of forum, head over to their forgotten about archive section. These archives are the golden ticket to top dollar surveys. Why? Because they are thoroughly filled with honest knowledge about surveys, which can be found right in those archives.

Bigger forums tend to take a ton of pride in disallowing things like spam and bad information. All of it gets squashed and deleted. You are left with 100's of topics that are filled with people just like you and I, sharing their most valuable info. It's a place where people have gathered to compare all kinds of survey sites that pay money through PayPal and you reap the benefits of their sharing. It's as simple as that. If you can read for a couple of minutes, you can begin earning 4-5 times more cash than you were getting before.

It can be a pleasure to make money through PayPal from survey sites, but not if you don't take the route that leads to the top places.

Here is a top 5 list of Internet Survey Sites that offer a PayPal Payment For Surveys.

Source: Ezine Articles

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