Make Money with GreenDOC and Google Adsense

What is GreenDOC?

GreenDOC allows you to write, save and publish fast and simple your documents, articles, ideas and notes. It is special because you're just one click away from typing your documents and no registration is needed. GreenDOC also allows you to use commercial in your materials, which can also be used for earning extra money. Everybody who is passionate about writing is waited to join GreenDOC.

 Is GreenDOC service free?

GreenDOC service is entirely free.

How can I join?

From main page click onto link "Register", fill in the left form and confirm your e-mail address. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail, where you will find a link to click. And after that you are the newest GreenDOC user.

What is an anonymous document?

Author, who isn't logged in and publishes a document, will be named as "anonymous". But after creating anonymous documents, when the user logs in, his or her anonymous documents will be automatically associated with his/her user account. Anonymous documents have to be approved by GreenDOC.

How long are the anonymous documents preserved?

Anonymous documents will be preserved for 90 days. After 90 days they will be deleted. But if you have an account in GreenDOC, then after you log in, anonymous documents created by you, will be automatically associated with your account.

How can I make money with GreenDOC and Google AdSense?

GreenDOC associated with Google AdSense offers you an opportunity to link ads provided by Google AdSense on your published documents page.

How much can I earn?

It all depends how many clicks are made on the add-on on your published document's page. The profit will be shared with users. User gets 70% of the profit and the 30% goes to GreenDOC, so that we could pay for the costs of our server.

Do I have to optimize my documents for Google AdSense?

No. That is done for you. We have already optimized the page so that our users would get maximum profit and the search engines would also get a good result.
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