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What is YouSayToo?
YouSayToo is an innovative bloggers revenue sharing community where you can create your own blogs, upload flash games, start discussions and make revenue using Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate.

If you are running one or multiple blogs on Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, LiveJournal, Typepad or other platforms you can add them to YouSayToo and get more from them.

At YouSayToo you can make revenue for yourself or donate to charity.
What makes YouSayToo different?

What makes YouSayToo different is our Add Your Blog feature. If you are running one or multiple blogs you are going to love it. Using this feature you can add your blogs to YouSayToo. Once you add your blog all new entries from it will be imported into your YouSayToo blog. This will increase your readership and revenue from your Google AdSense and Amazon ads.

Another cool thing about YouSayToo is you can make revenue here by uploading flash games. It works just like blogging only instead of creating content you upload flash games. Running a flash games blog is very easy - just upload flash games and write cool reviews about them.

You can also make a difference by blogging here. Choose a cause to support and donate revenue from your

YouSayToo blog to it.

Last but not least, is the bonus of having a team of professionals who handle all technical stuff like SEO and improving monetization.

Do I own my content on YouSayToo?

Yes, you do. Everything you post on YouSayToo is yours and you are solely responsible for it.

How do I make money here?

To make money here all you need to do is fill in your Google AdSense and/or Amazon Affiliate IDs and create content - write in your blog; upload flash games; start discussions.
You can register your Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate accounts here:
Google AdSense
Amazon Affiliate

How does the revenue system work here?

YouSayToo splits Google AdSense and Amazon ads impressions in your YouSayToo account 50/50.

How and when do I get paid?

Google will send you a check as soon as you earn $100.
There are 3 ways Amazon can pay you. You need to choose the way you want to be paid in your Amazon Affiliate account.

Does referring users benefit me in any way?

Yes! Referring users can be very beneficial for you or your supported cause.
When you are logged in every YouSayToo URL ends with your ref code (Ex:

Send URLs with your refferral code to your friends and when they register and generate content you'll get additional Google AdSense impressions.

There are additional banners in the Refer Friends section which you can put on your blogs and refer even more users.

Refer users who will add their blogs or start new ones here and get additional 15% from their Google AdSense impressions and 10% from their referred users.

How can I donate to charity and how does it work?

Go to Revenue Settings in My Account and choose a cause you want to support. Write a few words about why you want to donate to this cause. After you've selected a cause, all revenue from your YouSayToo account will go to that cause.

All additional revenue from referring other users will also be donated to your cause.
To donate revenue you don't need any ad serving applications, you only need to choose a cause you want to support. Only revenue from Google AdSense can be donated.

Join Now and Start Earning Revenue!
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