Promoting Your Product and Increasing Sales - 7 Secrets to Know

By Linda Keefe

Do you want to make money with online marketing, but are frustrated because sales are not what you want them to be? You have one or more products, but they're not flying off the shelf. So, the question is, what is the best way to get people to buy?

Here's a seven step system that works. You'll want to use multiple ways to gently, and consistently, introduce your product to those who are interested in what you have to offer.

When you think about it, it's a lot like gardening: you plant a seed (the product) and then nurture and care for it until it blossoms. You don't just walk away from it, letting it fend for itself. People often do that with their products. They put them on the shelf (or on the web) and then leave them, expecting them to sprout revenue all by themselves.

So, get busy and start nurturing your crop of products in these seven places:

* Step #1: Thank You Page. Your first chance to introduce a product is when someone signs up to be in your list. The thank you page that immediately follows the OptIn page and delivers the "free gift" you promised, is a great place to add a small product statement such as, "If you like this, you may also be interested in . . .". Make the last few words a link to your product long letter page.

* Step #2: Auto-responding Message. Once people sign up for your ezine, make sure the initial auto-responding message they receive includes another phrase similar (or identical) to the one above such as, "If you want to move forward quickly, check out this tool". Again, make the final part of the sentence a link to the description page of your product.

* Step #3: A Product Message. Then have a second message that goes out in the auto-responder immediately -- and make it all about your product. Keep it short and to the point. Don't tell everything you know, but rather entice them to click on the link to the long letter that asks them to buy.

* Step #4: An Ezine's Recommend Section. Write a brief paragraph about what your product can do for the reader, emphasizing the benefits. Put it in a special section at the end of the ezine, under a title such as The Maven Recommends or Linda Recommends. Be sure to arouse curiosity, so the reader will want to click on a link to the long letter describing your product. You don't want to succumb to describing the product in the ezine itself.

* Step #5: Free Teleseminar. The best way to sell product is to talk to a prospect in a live situation so you can build trust, respect and excitement. And if you can, do an event. But the next best way to develop relationships, is to offer free teleseminars. People hear your voice, your style, your personality. They are much more inclined to make that decision to buy.

* Step #6: Solo Emails. You use solo emails (single messages to send to your list -- also known as broadcasts) as a way to promote the teleseminar and to follow up after it -- to continue reminding the attendees of the product they can buy from you. Send three to five announcing the teleseminar, with another three to five afterward, spacing them out over a week or two.

* Step #7: Website Listing Products. Once you have people opting into your list, you want them to be able to see all the products you have available. Create a simple website that has links to the long letters for each of the items you offer. Keep posting that web site in the promotions that you send as a credit so that folks can find your stuff easily when they are ready. Remember though, don't send new people to this website, always funnel them through your option page.

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