Must Earn Cash in Minutes - What Do You Do Now?

By Anthony Chambers

This is always a tricky one
. Does this mean you can earn cash in minutes from reading this article, or earn money in minutes from the time you buy whatever it is I may be selling? If you are left to draw your own conclusion from this headline, you may very well conclude that I am talking about the former rather than the later. Then reality kicks in.

Reality in this case, is your rational mind. How in God's earth can I earn cash in minutes from now unless I had some system for doing so already set up? The answer in this case is simple. It depends on how many minutes you are talking about. You see, one part of our brain is wired to conclude that the term "in minutes" actually means five, or ten, or even 20 minutes from now. And though this is possible, it is not very likely, unless you are very experienced at making money from systems most people do not understand or use. And although you can earn cash in 10 minutes from now, with the right information, it is more realistic to expect results in say, 720 minutes, or 12 hours from now.

The good news is that it is possible to earn cash in 20 or 30 minutes from now. So to make this more palatable, let us break this down a bit further. The assumption here is that in order to make money you have to spend some money and that for fast results we are going to use the Internet. The Internet represents access to millions of qualified people online, so it is the best medium to use for fast results.

To earn cash in minutes using the Internet, you need access to a system that is already set up and working. Think about affiliate networks. To get to the existing Internet traffic quickly, think Pay Per Click or PPC. To find the most robust, popular, and potentially lucrative PPC search engine, think Google. Now let us see how we can make this work.

Oh! There is one other thing. We need to earn cash that we can put into our bank account, and spend it as we wish, in minutes. That means that if we sell something, we must be paid immediately, not days or weeks from now. After we get the money, there must be a way to pull that cash into our bank accounts quickly, and possibly have access to that cash via debit card shortly thereafter.

If this scenario sounds ridiculous, it is not. There are many genuine business opportunities online these days that will pay you immediately for sales you make. Some of these are found at pay dotcom and other networks. Payment processors like PayPal will allow you to pull cash from your PayPal account into your bank account very quickly. You may not be able to earn cash online and then hold the literal money in your hands in minutes, but you can earn cash in minutes form now, and then use that cash to buy the goods and services you want, in minutes from how. Yes! I am talking about 15 or 25 minutes from now.

Here's another clue. When you are searching for ways to earn cash in minutes, look for programs that use something called the rapid action script. You will be amazed how many marketers use it to pay their affiliates instantly.

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