Who Else Wants Network Marketing Success in Order to Make Life Richer and More Enjoyable?

By Vincent Collaso

People who are in the MLM/network marketing industry get into it for one reason: success. Understanding the forms of the success is the best way to achieving that success craved by many, but achieved by so few.

That success may come in the form of money and what it can afford you, more time spent with friends and family and the ability to make it last through leverage.


Let's not mince or blow smoke around: people get into network marketing and measure success in it in the form of money and everything money can buy them.

Success in network marketing gives people the ability to afford the things that they simply cannot afford with the income earned at their J.O.B.s.

Now, they can buy that car or truck they always wanted or needed. Bills that piled up and were unpaid now can be paid - in full. Vacations that were seen as just another impossible dream now can be enjoyed.

In short, financial needs can be met, while financial wants can be reached and exceeded.


Along with money, network marketing success gives you the opportunity to enjoy more time to do the things you need and want to do.

Some people have plenty of money, but barely have the time to do the important things in their lives, such as: spending more quality time with spouses and children, building and improving friendships and spending more time on personal development.

Network marketing success makes all of these things possible. People who have achieved this type of success have actually left their jobs.

They now work from the comfort and safety of their homes, building and maintaining their growing network marketing business and driving it to success.

Some now do this in only 10-15 hours a week, as opposed to working 40+ hours a week on their J.O.B.s when they had them.

The extra time they now have can be spent with children helping them with homework. They can cook and prepare wholesome meals at home rather than buy unhealthy fast food and take out meals. They can enroll in that karate class at the local Y, or put that expensive gym membership they bought so long ago finally to work.

The possibilities are truly endless.


Leverage is simply the act of maximizing something. People get leverage in their network marketing business and get great success by building quality teams and downlines.

This is key. A wise man once said that he'd rather make $1 from the efforts of 1,000 men, than make $1,000 dollars himself.

This is because network marketing success brings people together in the common cause of improving their lives and its conditions.

Network marketing owes its very success and existence on leveraging the efforts of not one individual, but many individuals working together, as a team.

Everyone in network marketing is working for their own personal success, yet they're also working for their team's success as well.

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