Seven Steps to Being a Great Entrepreneur

By Melton McClanahan

It occurred to me during my morning readings that although you may want to be a good entrepreneur, being a Great Entrepreneur is really the key to success! Achieving Greatness requires distinct characteristics and solid leadership skills. So here are the seven key characteristics required to be a Great Entrepreneur:

1) Learn from those that have come before you. You want to read books and articles from the likes of Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump. Learn how they came to achieve greatness. Talk to leaders from your organizations that have been in the trenches- they will also be a good resource for you. Hear their success stories. The experiences that you learn will shape your mindset into what I call a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) machine.

2) Turn your earlier life lessons into Successes. Network Marketing is a different business. But the skills you inherited on the job, coaching little league, or being a housewife will help you build your business and prove to be valuable to your success.

3) Always focus on the Future. Plan ahead by setting a 90 day, 1 year, a 5 year, and a 10 year game plan. In the beginning keep the 90 day rolling, always planning out 90 days. Before you know it the 1st year will be in the books. All the successes that you had planned for will be upon you. Stay focused on the game plan. REMEMBER: Those that Plan - PLAN TO SUCCEED and those that don't Plan - PLAN TO FAIL!

4) Rely upon yourself. In this work environment you have to rely on yourself and not others to pick you up when you are down or business is slow. The government isn't going to bail you out like they have for the failing corporate giants.

5) Commit to being a Leader. Lead by example and work on how to get the top and brings those who show heart and desire along with you. Demonstrate how life is at the top when you touch enough lives.

6) Always show your cool side. Never let your down line see you sweat. Be their "Cool Hand Luke"! Even though you are on the phone most of time your voice inflection can give away your position. Stay focused on control.

7) Always Make Time for Family. . This shows true character balance to all involved with your business. Even though with Internet marketing your interaction is minimal, some people will hear your relationship through the phone.

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