Podcasts Increase Internet Marketing Sales

By Llewelyn James and Euan Agnew

Video podcasts are relatively easy to create for anyone. With the use of podcasts for internet marketing tactics, even individual marketers can present more of a personal presence.

Internet presence often lacks giving feelings that "you are there" with the customer. Viewing a podcast, potential customers get a better feel for the information presented and add a personal touch to the pitch. This yields a higher chance of a sale being closed.

People are more likely to listen to a minutes long podcast than they are to read a five hundred word factual article on products. This alone should give gravity to marketers making the choice to use podcasts in your marketing methods. Gaining the attention of more people equals success in internet marketing. The more people's attention internet marketers can get and hold, the higher sales will be.

Podcasts give your customer base an image and not only promote a product better, they promote the marketer better. Giving out updates on your products and company and providing the marketer with more choices of approaches as now their customers are also an audience. How much more appealing is a video presentation than reading and re-reading what is essentially an advertisement or catalog entry to persuade them to make a purchase. Imagination, images and text alone don't do the products or marketers the justice video podcasts will.

Source: EzineArticles

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