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Is Your Neighbor A Millionaire?

How would you know if a person is a millionaire?

Is it by the luxury car he drives?

Or perhaps by the expensive watch he's wearing...

Or those living in a big mansion?

Sometimes, looks can be deceiving and it is more surprising to know that millionaires are barely unrecognizable.  The real rich person doesn't really need to brag, their portfolio will speak for itself.

Compiled on this presentation are the lessons shared by the millionaires in the United States written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko in their book entitled, "The Millionaire Next Door."

Valuable Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is just one of the many personal finance books that is highly recommended by most of the experts to be read.  I've already read this book twice and so I decided to compile all the notes that is worth to remember and share.

25 Tips To Become An Instagram Superstar (Infographic)

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The Noob Guide to Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing - Infographic
Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform
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