The Process Of Hiring The Best Candidate Through LinkedIn, Inspired By The Movie 'The Moneyball'

LinkedIn (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Employers should really try and make a point of hiring the best candidate through LinkedIn, inspired by the movie 'The Moneyball'. So why on LinkedIn one may ask; well it has over 150 million professionals in all the major fields any employer may be looking for e.g. music, business, art, hospitality, doctors and many more. It's the largest social site with the highest number of professionals from different parts of the world.

Applicable Business Lessons From The Movie 'The Hunger Games'

If you have seen The Hunger Games then you should know that it's a very good movie. Written by Suzanne Collins and starred by the very talented Jenifer Lawrence, this movie is a hit among all ages. You can be a kid or an adult and still appreciate the movie. Like every other story, The Hunger Games also has a few lessons it can teach us. There are business lessons to learn from the movie that you can apply in your business.

One lesson you can learn from the movie is to learn the basics. Instead of learning how to combat, Katniss and Peeta learned the basics of survival. Like your business, you need not to learn the advances lessons just yet if you still haven't learned the basics. Take the time to learn them and you can move on to learning more advanced skills.

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