FREE and Powerful Way to Promote Your Website Through Link Exchange

By Ivana Katz

What is a Link Exchange?

Link exchange is an extremely powerful marketing strategy whereby a website owner exchanges links and banners with websites that have similar content.

Why should I exchange links?

There are several reasons that you should exchange links with other businesses.

Results in search engines are determined by the material you have presented on your site and by other off-page factors such as how many other sites link to your website. The more links you have pointing to your site from relevant websites, the higher your site will rank.

Exchanging links will drive valuable targeted traffic to your website when visitors follow a link from your link partners.

Your website will become a valuable resource for your visitors, as it will provide information they need. They may return to your site over and over to find more information.

How do I request links?

First, find websites whose business complements yours and add their website to your links/resource page. Rather than just placing a simple link, it's a good idea to also include the business name, brief description and logo if possible.

Once the link is on your website contact the company and ask for a reciprocal link. For example if you are a wedding dress designer, you could contact businesses that sell wedding cakes, jewellery, flowers and also venues, celebrants etc.

Types of link exchanges

1. One-way Links

One way links are links that point to your site from others, but which are not linked to from your website. Google and many other search engines include link popularity as part of the way they evaluate and rank websites. Links are seen as a positive "vote" towards the quality of the website. As such, the more links from other relevant websites to yours, the better.

One way to get great links to your website is to submit articles and PR releases to other websites and article/news directories or use Social Bookmarking and Social Networking websites.

2. Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links, also known as 'link swaps', 'link exchanges' and 'link partners' are two way links between two websites. They not only drive traffic to your website, but also help with search engine ranking.

It is particularly important to exchange links with websites that have a high Page Rank. Page Rank is a value that Google gives to a web page based on the importance of the page that is determined by the number of incoming links to that web page. You can see your website's Page Rank on the Google Toolbar, which can be downloaded from:

3. Triangular OR Three Way Links

Three way link is whereby Website 1 links to Website 2 who links to Website 3 who links to Website 1 and so on. The ultimate goal is to never have two websites link to each other, which is considered reciprocal linking and less effective in boosting search engine rankings.

Link exchanges are very important if you want to drive quality traffic to your website and help rank your website at the top of the search engines. Although it can be time consuming, link exchanging is very powerful. If you have limited time, you can employ the services of a link exchange company. Simply search for "link exchanging" in your favourite search engine.

Copyright (c) 2009 Ivana Katz

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How to Make a Quick Buck Online

By Roger Haisley

"Make money online" - Type those words in any search engine and millions of search results appear. And is there any wonder? Not only is the prospect of making money from the comfort of your own home extremely appealing but it should also be noted that the internet is a very powerful commercial tool that is available to virtually everyone. There are many ways to make money online, Here I'll highlight the quickest and easiest methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Well this is definitely one of the easiest ways to make some quick cash online. You don't need to have your own product or service, you just find a company that offers a product that is in high demand and focus on selling as an affiliate for that company, it really is quite straight forward. To find which products are of high demand consider using keyword popularity tools such as Wordtracker. Some of the top affiliate networks include Commission Junction, LinkShare & ClickBank (my personal favorite). Affiliate marketing tied in with a well planned pay per click advertising campaign is definitely one of the easiest and most exciting ways to make money online.

Selling Advertising Space

If you already have a website that gets a reasonable amount of visitors per day, this is a great option. You can probably realize why this is easy money, you do no work; you just collect the advertising fees . If you do have a website it may also be wise to consider allowing Google to place ads on your page, this is called AdSense and you earn money every time someone clicks an ad on your website. Now if you happen to have a number of high traffic websites you can actually make a small fortune from AdSense alone.

Paid Surveys

Here's another quick money maker. Of course there are some people who don't favor this method, but if you know what you're doing you can make a good amount of cash by doing paid surveys and it usually won't take up much time. Many people don't make enough use of this method, however I highly recommend it.

Well...what are you waiting for: pick a method and go launch your campaign today!

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How to Make Money Online - 4 Common Ways to Make Money Online

By Rellie Lorenzo

The first method to making money online is self explanatory. You can sell your own product. The common type of products being sold right now are E-books, E-Courses, Video Training, Marketing Service, etc. The important factor in this approach is the need to stand above the crowd. You have to understand that someone else may be trying to sell the same thing you are so you want to brand yourself. If you can come up with an absolutely unique product that the market needs and wants then you should go for it.

The second way to make money online is through advertisements. If you have enough visitors to your website then some advertisers will pay you to place their advertisement on your blog or website. The key to this method is to have great content that keeps your visitors coming and also a growing amount of visitors will benefit your profits. The most common advertiser is Google AdSense. They pay you every time someone clicks on their advertisement. To truly profit you need a lot of visitors and the advertisement should be relevant to the information on your site.

The third way to make money online is online trading. Since this effort is done online, I felt it belonged in this category of making money online. The most important thing about trading stocks is research. Some people say that the stock market is a casino. But if you can legally acquire insider tips and conduct research on hot and growing companies then you can minimize your risks and losses. The stock market is always a great way to profit even during the rough times. Just make sure you do your homework.

The last, but certainly not least, way to make money online is through affiliate programs. An affiliate program is when you sell another person's or companies' product. Some affiliate programs are free for the affiliate to join. The most common free affiliate program is ClickBank. The obstacle with this common program is that the competition with other affiliates is really high since it is free to get into. There are affiliate programs that are low entry. This means that the product or service that you purchase with an affiliate program is considered reasonably low-priced. This may take some patience but once your business starts to grow it will be well worth it, especially in the residual income affiliate programs. If the product is hot and popular your business can take off fast. The other type of affiliate program is the high entry program.

In these systems it usually costs thousands of dollars to get into the program. But once you start marketing and making sales then you will profit in a huge way. But if you don't make any sales then your finances may be in trouble. The low entry programs are safer and help you get your feet wet in the world of internet marketing.
So how much money can you make? That depends on you. How much research you put in, how well do you know your market, how well do you know your product, do you believe in your product, do you have your own big list to market to, etc. These are the methods. Now be yourself and start making money. Growth and development are important factors in this industry. I wish you well in your ventures!

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Who Else Wants Network Marketing Success in Order to Make Life Richer and More Enjoyable?

By Vincent Collaso

People who are in the MLM/network marketing industry get into it for one reason: success. Understanding the forms of the success is the best way to achieving that success craved by many, but achieved by so few.

That success may come in the form of money and what it can afford you, more time spent with friends and family and the ability to make it last through leverage.


Let's not mince or blow smoke around: people get into network marketing and measure success in it in the form of money and everything money can buy them.

Success in network marketing gives people the ability to afford the things that they simply cannot afford with the income earned at their J.O.B.s.

Now, they can buy that car or truck they always wanted or needed. Bills that piled up and were unpaid now can be paid - in full. Vacations that were seen as just another impossible dream now can be enjoyed.

In short, financial needs can be met, while financial wants can be reached and exceeded.


Along with money, network marketing success gives you the opportunity to enjoy more time to do the things you need and want to do.

Some people have plenty of money, but barely have the time to do the important things in their lives, such as: spending more quality time with spouses and children, building and improving friendships and spending more time on personal development.

Network marketing success makes all of these things possible. People who have achieved this type of success have actually left their jobs.

They now work from the comfort and safety of their homes, building and maintaining their growing network marketing business and driving it to success.

Some now do this in only 10-15 hours a week, as opposed to working 40+ hours a week on their J.O.B.s when they had them.

The extra time they now have can be spent with children helping them with homework. They can cook and prepare wholesome meals at home rather than buy unhealthy fast food and take out meals. They can enroll in that karate class at the local Y, or put that expensive gym membership they bought so long ago finally to work.

The possibilities are truly endless.


Leverage is simply the act of maximizing something. People get leverage in their network marketing business and get great success by building quality teams and downlines.

This is key. A wise man once said that he'd rather make $1 from the efforts of 1,000 men, than make $1,000 dollars himself.

This is because network marketing success brings people together in the common cause of improving their lives and its conditions.

Network marketing owes its very success and existence on leveraging the efforts of not one individual, but many individuals working together, as a team.

Everyone in network marketing is working for their own personal success, yet they're also working for their team's success as well.

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Why You Should Use Ezine Marketing to Increase Traffic to Your Site

By John Emmanuel

Ezine marketing is simply using ezines to get people to visit your website so they can buy your products and sign up for your information or offer. It is a sure-fire way to generate massive amounts of targeted traffic to your sites. This type of marketing is extremely effective, and really untapped, if you know where to look. It is similar to email marketing except with ezine marketing you have your visitors sign up to get your newsletter. You can use it to promote your products, services, website and online business using the targeted subscriber lists of ezine publishers. Ezine marketing is the most targeted form of advertising available to you today.


Marketing your website on the internet can be an overwhelming experience, but using ezine articles as a marketing tool is incredibly powerful. Marketing online is perhaps the most profitable way to sell anything. Marketing as an affiliate is pure entrepreneurship in action. The use of classified ads is also popular online because it is cost effective and it works. Marketing with ezines has been working for years and it will keep on working.


Ezines will help you to get targeted traffic to your website and build credibility as an expert in your niche market. In turn this will deliver highly targeted traffic made up of people who will buy if you meet their needs. Ezine ad marketing allows you to get your ad in front of millions of targeted traffic who are looking for your product or service. Many of the top internet marketers and offline business owners are using this method of driving targeted traffic. Your first task when you decide that you want to make money online should be to master the art of driving traffic Article marketing (also known as ezine marketing) is a powerful yet over looked way to increase your website traffic.

Ezine marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive network marketing traffic to your website. It is an effective means of customer acquisition and sales or lead generation and is most effective when it is permission based. It is yet another strategy that is employed by businesses that can help your company in its growth as a diversified technique. It usually requires an upfront payment and as such ezine marketing is often overlooked as an alternative method of marketing. But this method of marketing is by far the most practical, easy to do and a proven way of getting a very profitable home business income no matter what niche market you are interested in.

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12 Secrets of Ezine Marketing

By Ray L Edwards

Running a successful online newsletter or Ezine can be one of the most effective means of marketing your product or service. Even though blogs have almost taken over this practice there are still many successfully run online newsletters that pack a powerful marketing punch. Below I share some of the secrets to maintaining a faithful subscriber base and grown your Ezine.

1. Give your newsletter a name that will tell what it is all about. The name should also be memorable and catchy. You are trying to build a readership and also a brand that will spread as quickly as possible. If you use your own name in the newsletter this means that you'll have difficulty selling the business later on, so keep this in mind.

2. Provide your subscribers with valuable content but don't tell them all. If you tell them all then they don't need to buy your product. You articles should tell them the 'why' of your product or service but not the 'how'. If you give away too much the subscribers will get accustomed to getting everything for free and be less inclined to buy your product.

3. Give your Ezine some personality. You want the Ezine to say 'you'. You are the owner and this is how you give your newsletter a personal identity. If you sound like everyone else then you'll get lost in the mix. If you inject your thoughts and opinions then you can stand apart from the crowd.

4. Ask your subscribers' opinions to engage their involvement. People like to know that their opinions matter. You can run a survey and then give the results in a follow-up issue. This gives the readers something to look forward to and your Ezine a better chance of getting opened.

5. Speak in the language of your subscribers. Use the same jargons that they use so that you can build a sense of community. You will be viewed as one of the group and not just a cold outsider providing information.

6. Provide a fair balance of articles and ads in your newsletter. If your newsletter appears to be just a big classified ad section then you are likely to lose subscribers. Nobody really read a paper for the ads so give them what they need and make your ads a 'by the way'.

7. Ask subscribers what subject they would like you to cover to make sure that you are scratching where it itches. Rather than hoping that you are catering to their needs ask and know instead. The response you get will also give you an idea of the effective reach of your newsletter.

8. Do joint venture deals where you can offer your subscribers special subscribers-only deals. This will build readership loyalty and also show that you are looking out for their best interest. People like to know that they are a part of an exclusive group.

9. Give a preview of the upcoming topics to keep curiosity high. This is much like the newscasters that tell you what's coming up next to keep you glued to the TV set until the commercial break is over. You can cover a topic that requires a series of articles to build reader loyalty among new subscribers. So those who sign up for a weekly newsletter wouldn't have to wait the entire week before they get their first issue.

10. Provide a link in your newsletter to where the archives can be accessed. The products that you promote in the past could still bring you sales in this way. It's also a place to showcase the quality of the information that you provide.

11. Publish your newsletter in both text and HTML format so you can give subscribers a choice of the format they wish to receive. Also because the newsletter will be longer than a normal promotional email (and so more difficult to bypass the SPAM filters) you can email both the full newsletter and another with the link to the web-published version.

12. Test your email open rate to determine which days of the week are the best to send out your newsletter. Some marketers claim that Fridays followed by Tuesdays give the best open rate. But each Ezine publisher will have to test for themselves. This is one factor that shouldn't be overlooked though.

There are still many online newsletters that I cannot wait to open and read not only because of the information they provide but because they have established themselves as a source of news and even entertainment. Don't neglect the power of a well written ezine.

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Seven Steps to Being a Great Entrepreneur

By Melton McClanahan

It occurred to me during my morning readings that although you may want to be a good entrepreneur, being a Great Entrepreneur is really the key to success! Achieving Greatness requires distinct characteristics and solid leadership skills. So here are the seven key characteristics required to be a Great Entrepreneur:

1) Learn from those that have come before you. You want to read books and articles from the likes of Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump. Learn how they came to achieve greatness. Talk to leaders from your organizations that have been in the trenches- they will also be a good resource for you. Hear their success stories. The experiences that you learn will shape your mindset into what I call a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) machine.

2) Turn your earlier life lessons into Successes. Network Marketing is a different business. But the skills you inherited on the job, coaching little league, or being a housewife will help you build your business and prove to be valuable to your success.

3) Always focus on the Future. Plan ahead by setting a 90 day, 1 year, a 5 year, and a 10 year game plan. In the beginning keep the 90 day rolling, always planning out 90 days. Before you know it the 1st year will be in the books. All the successes that you had planned for will be upon you. Stay focused on the game plan. REMEMBER: Those that Plan - PLAN TO SUCCEED and those that don't Plan - PLAN TO FAIL!

4) Rely upon yourself. In this work environment you have to rely on yourself and not others to pick you up when you are down or business is slow. The government isn't going to bail you out like they have for the failing corporate giants.

5) Commit to being a Leader. Lead by example and work on how to get the top and brings those who show heart and desire along with you. Demonstrate how life is at the top when you touch enough lives.

6) Always show your cool side. Never let your down line see you sweat. Be their "Cool Hand Luke"! Even though you are on the phone most of time your voice inflection can give away your position. Stay focused on control.

7) Always Make Time for Family. . This shows true character balance to all involved with your business. Even though with Internet marketing your interaction is minimal, some people will hear your relationship through the phone.

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Turning Website Traffic Into "Leads"

By Shawn Hutchison

There is a simple way to make sure that your website visitors actually turn into leads. But first you need to make a slight mind-shift in how you look at your "traffic" and "leads". You want to do more than just generate traffic and get leads from your marketing; you want to get sales. And as such it helps to think of the visitors to your site as "guests" and the ones who volunteer to be on your mailing list as "clients". That's really what they are, aren't they?

No one wants to be 'bought and sold' like a "lead". What they really want is for you to create a relationship with them. And in order to do that you have to offer them value and earn their trust.

So how do you do this? Well, you begin by offering them something of value in order to get their attention. Once you have that they will gladly extend their hand by giving you their name and email address. And Presto! You've turned your "traffic" into a "lead"!

You can offer value to your guests in a number of ways....

- Give them FREE information (just think of what your target audience wants, create it, and give it to them).
- Provide them with promotional discounts for your products or services (everyone sees value in a discount)
- Send them a "Newsletter" - this is really just another way to say 'free information' but it actually gives the impression of more value (and you can combine many other marketing strategies with this to make it worth your while)
- Allow them to become a "VIP Buyer" - create a list that gives early notifications of new products, or special offers (the more competition in the their field the more they will appreciate finding out about "it" first)

So this begs the question "How do you put this all together?"

It's really quite simple. You put up a web-form that collects your guests' information. This little form is put just below your "offer" and when it's filled out the guest-turned-client receives your promised offer. You now have a new client whose info is automatically stored in a database from which you can market to them very easily (and repetitively).

Website traffic conversion doesn't get any easier! This method can be used by any internet business and done so very inexpensively. Small business online marketing can be done on a small budget!

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Facebook As a Marketing Tool - Useful Tips

by Henry Alzamora

Facebook is becoming little by little one of the most favorite web site of the world, its users are increasing to Facebook recently launched their new website design same as other features to make things faster and better for the whole world, but also very important they also launched a new very important tool named Facebook pages, these pages main functions are similar to your profile, well profiles work now as pages also, this has recently changed as well. These pages are controlled by an admin similar to a Facebook group, by promoting your business concept with this page you will have sort of advocates or fans who will be messengers and clear representants of your brand, so the Attention Interest Desire Action process will be starting and if you are smart enough you will start marketing your Unique Selling Proposal via this wonderful tool.

You can open this page clicking the advertising link in the bottom of your Facebook profile, after clicking you will see other options besides this one, such as connect, lexicon and share. When you click Create a Page, you can see there is also an option that allow you to manage your existing ones once they are created, you can create as much as you can there is not limits at all.

Once you click create a new page you will see a box that will show you several options to create a page, for example the first box display 3 categories options such as Local, Brand or Product and Artist Band. In Local you will see some other subtitles such as automotive, banks, bar, cafe, other business, religious center, convention center, etc. In Brand or Product you will see options such as Product, Airline, ship, train station, Communications, Consumer Product, Fashion Film, Retails, TV Shows, website, etc, next you will see Artist Band or Figure, there you can see options such as Other Public Figure, Actor, Athlete, Band, Comediant, model, etc, once you click the one you are interested you have to click the name of your business in the next box, please it is very and extremely important you choose a good name and it HAS to be a name you will not be able to delete or modify, that means it will stay forever or you will have to create a new page, of course this has brought sort of complaints from many users around the world, however it seems they will not change that. A very important tip for you is you can take advantage of SEO advantages and use this page to market it all over the search engines around the net, to start doing this you have to when creating your unique brand, business, etc, name you can add to that name keywords of your USP.

Once you put the name of your business you will see the result, it is a page similar to your website now, all you have to do is add important information about your business or the option you chose above, the more information you put, the better, you can put videos, rss feeds from blogs or other sources you want to share, you can also add photos, etc. There are even options for you to show your working hours and if you have parking for your customers, etc.

Once you see this page meet expectations you can invest little more time and money, by for example, creating a Facebook Marketplace Ad, a CPC (Cost/ per Click ad), even getting advertising credits which is a very new feature that allow you to start up using 100 $ credit. You can start placing ads at a very low budget with this new option.

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How to Invest in Your Knowledge

With the economy struggling to get by people are trying to figure out just what to invest in. Should you gamble on stocks or bonds? Maybe invest in the government. No matter where you put your money there is always a chance that it could be lost. But there is one thing that can not be taken from you. Your knowledge. That means you should be investing in yourself.

So if you are wondering how to invest in yourself well first you need to learn as much as possible. It doesn't matter where that education comes from. It could be your years of experience you had ad you current job or the time you spent enjoying your hobby. There is always someone out there looking to learn a little something about anything. There is a good chance that your knowledge could be worth a fortune to people wanting to know what you know.

All you need to do now is learn how to invest in getting your information out to the masses. You can simply create a membership website. Find all those people who love what you are doing and let them join up. By having members who are all interested in the same thing your chances for success will only grow. They will be happy to have members who are passionate about their topic and thank you for setting it all up.

See, your knowledge is the one thing, whether the economy goes up or down, that can't be foreclosed on or go into bankruptcy. Plus, as times get tough having a community that shares your hobby to talk to can be a comforting thing. Your members also get to trade their knowledge with each other building up every persons educational pool. You never know what you can learn from others.

So if you have lost a lot in this economy and you are looking for something else to invest in then look inside yourself. Learn how to invest in your knowledge. There will always be a market for information.

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