How to Get on the Front Page of Social Bookmarking Sites

By Jason Nyback

Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Netscape, Newsvine, and Reddit are frequently used by search engine marketers to attract traffic to a website. The premise is simple: when a large number of people from a social bookmarking community "like" a story, article, or blog entry listed on the site, the story gets greater prominence on the front page. Stories on the front page attract far greater numbers of reads and clickthroughs than those buried deep within the site, and are much more likely to "go viral" and spread across the Web like wildfire.

Clearly, any search marketer could benefit from having a story posted on the front-page of a popular social bookmarking site; however, most marketers struggle to gain traction and generate the number of reads required for this prominent placement. Choosing the right topic is a bit like playing the lottery. With so many articles submitted on any given day, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge.

Here's an easy way to get on the front-page of your favorite social bookmarking site: write about how to appear on the front page of results. While this may seem silly, stories about how to get listed on the main page are almost always on the front page of social-bookmarking sites. Audiences love these topics and frequently "like" these how-to articles, which pushes the content higher in the rankings. Try writing a story about how to get on the front page of your favorite social-bookmarking site, and then submit it to that site. You'll be surprised at how quickly the article climbs the ranks!

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