Top 10 Most Effective Tips in Writing a Cover Letter

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The modern world is undergoing rapid changes and the connotation of these alterations on the field of business, economy and education has been enormous. In accordance to the Association Press report, what awaits the new graduates may not be a welcoming one; the report pointed out the fact that a great number of bachelor degree holders remains to be unemployed or jobless. This truth resulted to a much tougher competition in job seeking.

In association with the said competition between jobseekers, the demand of qualification has come so high. Jobseekers have been pre-occupied in filling-up their resumes with number of qualifications; leaving behind the significance of the "Cover Letter". Unfavorably, many of us endow a minute time in writing a good cover letter - thinking that the resume is more important. Here's the truth, having an equally impressive cover letter will surely increase the chance that your prospected employer will read your resume.

Here is the list of the ten most effective ways in having an 'efficient' cover letter: 

1. Know company's cover letter & resume outline as well as applying for online jobs.

Some company requires their format outline for cover letters to be followed strictly; these guidelines are often posted in the bulletin boards for job vacancies. At the bulletin, you will exactly find some important information like whom to address the letter and other must-know requirements along with your cover letter.

2. Know the standard format.

a. Typed-written
b. Single-spaced
c. One-inch margins on each sides
d. A 12-pt font size. Times New Romans or Courier font. Font color - Black only.
e. Must have three to four short paragraphs.

3. Be concise and direct at the same time.

State why and what position you are applying for. And state what the enclosed documents with the letter are.

4. Make no error.

Typos, misspelling, and poor grammar - gives poor impression.

5. Use word processor.

For better templates, and formats available.

6. Avoid fancy words, fonts and color.

Choose professional words, standard and only one font for the entire document - as well as choosing the right color (black).

7. Keep it short.

Must only have a one page letter and perfectly-centered, do not fold.

8. Be personal somehow.

Present yourself for the employer to have a little view on you.

9. Use actual and uncomplicated contact information.

Use active mobile or telephone number, and active e-mail address.

10. Review.

Be sure that you are satisfied on how you present yourself before applying to the job.

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