Applicable Business Lessons From The Movie 'The Hunger Games'

If you have seen The Hunger Games then you should know that it's a very good movie. Written by Suzanne Collins and starred by the very talented Jenifer Lawrence, this movie is a hit among all ages. You can be a kid or an adult and still appreciate the movie. Like every other story, The Hunger Games also has a few lessons it can teach us. There are business lessons to learn from the movie that you can apply in your business.

One lesson you can learn from the movie is to learn the basics. Instead of learning how to combat, Katniss and Peeta learned the basics of survival. Like your business, you need not to learn the advances lessons just yet if you still haven't learned the basics. Take the time to learn them and you can move on to learning more advanced skills.

Learn to fill a need. In the movie, Katniss received a medicine which she used to heal her wounds right away. In a world that is very competitive, you should think of a business which can cater to a certain need. You will be one of the few unique businesses' that can profit from these unmet needs.

Other important lessons you can learn from The Hunger Games are to be yourself and play to your strengths. Katniss was a loyal friend and a good archer. Be yourself and don't pretend to know more than you really do. This will just hurt your business in the long run if you insist in venturing in something you're not good at. If you're not good with food then starting out a restaurant isn't exactly your best bet. If you're good with computers then go with that instead.

Above are just few of the many lessons you can learn from the movie The Hunger Games. There are more but above are the very important and valuable lessons you can apply in your business.

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