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By Jane Fond

If you are one of those people looking for a lucrative and unique business opportunity, then you may want to make your own perfume or cologne from mixing your own ingredients to displaying your own perfume brand. It easy and does not require rocket science. The best part is that you can make serious profits. You know... making your own perfume is the cheapest option ever. By the time you have a complete product you can achieve profit margins exceeding 500%.

3 Reasons You Can Profit With Making Your Own Perfumes:

1.Demand for perfume is high; Every Individual person owns a bottle of Perfume one way or the other
2. Production Costs are very low; profit margins are very high.
3. If you brand your (and this is important) line correctly, you can charge high-end prices for your perfumes - That's where the potential is strong.

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The process is very simple and can be very fun, what surprises me to this day is that the raw materials are very, very cheap, in-fact they are unbelievably cheap not to mention the profit margins associated with making and selling perfumes. You will agree that great smelling perfume is in such great demand, imagine if you can brand and position yourself properly you can sell your creations up to a maximum R 600.00 a bottle. On average you can sell your perfumes at 500% and still be cheaper than most of the bigger stores.

Why Perfume Making Is a Great Business:

1. The start-up cost is very low.
2. You can decide how small or how big you want to become.
3. The market is readily available; every other person uses perfume on a daily basis.
4. You earn profits for doing something fun.
5. You can specialize on cheaper or most expensive brands.

There is no doubt that perfume industry is a billion rand industry worldwide. You may ask yourself, is it possible to manufacture your own perfume?, sure this may sound as complicated. The answer is yes you can manufacture your own perfume line and no, this is not complicated, in fact it is one of the easiest operations around, But why is this kept a secret? The answer is easy, big businesses are making millions and billions every year and if they were to tell you and me the perfume making recipe, we get to share into their market share. They don't want to share the industry secrets; in fact they will go to lengths of telling you that the processes involved are very complicated and difficult. Talk about GREED!

It will interest you to know that you can make your own perfume / cologne for profits, for big profits. To succeed you need basic instructions of how to get started, how to mix ingredients, how to master blends and different scent and you'll be on your way to selling your own perfume brand.

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