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"Content is King" --- Sounds cliche right? But most web marketer  newbies are struggling with what to write on their site.  Truthfully, readers often visit your site if you post informative articles on a regular basis.

So you may ask, what exactly should I write?  Well, if you're clueless on how to start off, try to do some research first.  Your articles should be relevant to your site.  First, think of a topic and check out technorati or google blog for some recent posts.  Collect tons of information and from there you can initially write something based on your opinion or observation.  It is beneficial to your site if you're going to acknowledge the source of your content.

Are you a facebook user? You can also get an idea on what to write based on your facebook's live feed shared by your friends/network.  Same with your twitter account and other social network.  Knowing what others are reading will give you an idea on the latest buzz circling around the web.

Hiring a professional writer is another good option if you don't have time to write, I highly recommend freelancers from oDesk but be cautious in hiring.  Try to ask first for a write-up then judge it if it suits your taste. But if you think it's not enough then the last option would be to buy some quality PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. With PLR articles, you can edit it according to your preference, no need to worry about plagiarism since it is all yours.

That's it! Keep on posting fresh articles to drive more traffic to your blog/website.


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