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One of the key skills possessed by the legendary Steve Jobs was making lively, entertaining and informative presentations. He was perhaps the world's greatest presenter. Corporate executives can learn a lot by logging on to YouTube and watching his infotaining speeches. What made Steve Jobs such an effective and legendary presenter? In this article, we summarize the skills and tactics used by Jobs to craft and communicate his wonderful presentations that stand out from the rest. 

Things to Learn from Steve Jobs

  • He researched and prepared thoroughly
  • His speeches were earnest and passionate
  • His presentations were entertaining as well as informative
  • He was a master of timing and delivery which accentuated the impact
  • He mastered the fundamentals and stressed on the basics
  • Jobs rehearsed many times to perfect his captivating speeches
  • He created intense emotional experiences for the audience

More Presentation Tips to Learn from Steve Jobs

The co-founder of Apple stood out because he explained clearly and earnestly how the audience could benefit from his company's technology and products. He did not use visuals to merely entertain or as fillers. At the end, the audience always left with a complete understanding of the key points of the presentation. Here are some more tips gleaned from Jobs' expertise that make for great business lessons which you can use to make outstanding and effective presentations:

Focus on one main point: Don't burden your audience with a mountain of irrelevant information as this will only distract them from the main message. Stick to your key points and use effective visuals to support them.

Make a Personal Connection: Even though Jobs sold inert technological products, he made it a point to connect emotionally with his audience as this helped to build empathy and made his listeners more receptive to his message.

Prepare Thoroughly: You should know what you are talking about so that you are comfortable during your speech. Thorough preparation and knowledge can also help you address and answer the audience's questions and doubts after your presentation.

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