How To Start A Business With No Money

Start-ups boosted by BC’s Venture Capital programs
Start-ups boosted by BC’s Venture Capital programs (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Starting a business with no capital is an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome, and often one that leaves us stumped when considering where to start. This however is not to say that it’s impossible, but you’ll generally find yourself more successful if you take a different approach. It always somewhat intimidating to consider investing what little money you have directly into a business model if you rely on said money for timely fiscal maintenance. 

There is however a method that allows you to obtain money through one of two methods. If you have the time and patience to allow yourself to build a secondary income not related to your traditional expenses, you can allocate this towards a business project. This in itself requires resourcefulness on your part but I will provide a few options that can get you started on obtaining capital for your project without having to utilize prior investments. The first format allows you to obtain passive income in small increments as a result of placing ads within a blogging platform. This is possible through the use of graphic advertisement, in text advertisement and so on. The second and most accessible format for those without an online presence is to engage in simple incremental piece work through various established platforms. There are numerous websites that offer you the opportunity to make a secondary income by offering whatever service you may specialize in for a fixed rate. Whether it be editing, article writing, programming, graphic design and so on, a number of platforms offer you the opportunity to market yourself within their avid communities for a small fee included in each completed transaction.

Now how to start a business with no money? Whether you decide to participate in an online freelance organization like Elance utilizing a set of skills, or offer quirky video endorsements on a fixed rate platform like Fiverr, there are numerous opportunities to start building a useful income in small increments without having to invest. One you've accumulated a considerable portion of gradual income that has no dedicated place within your daily finances, this capital can be utilized in marketing yourself professionally. Depending on the amount of capital you've been able to generate the options are endless, ranging from domains and product advertising to stocks and Forex investments.

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