Time to Make Money on eBay Again

GREAT news from eBay!

It looks like they’re finally clearing the way for small-to-medium-sized sellers to make money again. FYI, here’s a quick rundown of the changes they’ve just announced.
Starting in September you’ll get better exposure in eBay’s search results AND get a 20% reduction in fees if:

  • you’re selling $3000.00 a year with 100+ sales
  • you don’t get 1 and 2 ratings on the Detailed Seller Ratings
  • you maintain a 4.6 or higher DSR average

You’ll also be rewarded if your listings have a high conversion rate — in other words your listings may not get a lot of views, but they consistently sell your items. Good news for sellers who take time to write a good title and item description; bad news for the giant Diamond sellers that don’t bother because they’ve got so much inventory!

Our eBay Mentoring Team are really excited about these changes. They say the just-introduced Top-Rated Seller designation is “realistic and achievable” for people who follow our system and use our strategies.

Coincidentally, we’ve just released the brand-new, online version of our Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay course. It’ll cover all these changes (the big advantage of being online instead of in a book) and any new ones eBay comes up with.

So if you’ve been frustrated with eBay lately, NOW IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME!

After a couple of years of making it harder and harder to make money, it looks like eBay is rewarding the sellers who made it such a powerhouse in the first place.

What do you think? Is this what you’ve been waiting to see on eBay?

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